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November 26, 2011

PC Windows


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Treasure Adventure Game casts you in the role of a young boy who lands on an island that is a fragment of what was once a continent, destroyed in the war between a demon and a wizard. You accept quests, travel across the oceans, and generally have a bang-up time of being a little boy in a big world, out there looking for treasure and adventure. Your equipment consists of a hat, a parrot, and a boat that appears whenever you touch water. Combine those with the basic platforming abilities like jumping and crawling that you’re familiar with from every platforming game ever, and you’ve got the basics of a phenomenal romp across a huge world filled with treasure, maps, secrets, danger, and triumph. The music changes with the environments and day-night cycles, enhancing the feel the game is evoking and making you feel immersed in the world as you travel through it.


Treasure Adventure Game was created by Stephen Orlando. He spent over 2 years of his life developing it.


  • Huge, open, and highly interactive world to explore and a very interesting story to experience.
  • Intriguing story unfolds as you progress - charming NPCs, mysterious other-worldy beings, and multiple endings
  • Very diversified environments with changing weather and NPCs that are not static but living their lives.
  • Beautiful music, composed by Robert Ellis, that changes with the background and creates a very unique and enchanting mood.


Treasure Adventure Game Trailer YouTube

Treasure Adventure Game Speed Run YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Overall Indie Game of the Year" Treasure Adventure Game, Nintendo Enthusiast, 2011
  • "Best Indie Adventure Game." Treasure Adventure Game, JayIsGames, 2011
  • "Top 4 of 10 Indie Games of 2011" Treasure Adventure Game, GameZone, 2011

Selected Articles

  • "Treasure Adventure Game… made me swoon, sigh, squeal, and emit many other sounds completely unbefitting a man of my status (namely, I have a beard)."
    - Nathan Grayson, PCGamer
  • "… this is going to go down as one of the next indie classics."
    - Josh Mattingly, IndieStatik
  • "Go play it now, it’s an amazing indie title and you won’t be disappointed!"
    - Alexander King, A. King's Quest
  • "…a nostalgic trip for gamers who enjoyed the classics that inspired this game as well as those who are just looking for quality design and execution."
    - Charles Battersby, IndieGameMag
  • "TAG may very well be the quintessential indie game."
    - Kyle Carpenter, MediumDifficulty.com

Original Soundtrack
Download and free streaming available at robitstudios.bandcamp.com.

About Robit Games

Robit Games, LLC is an independent game development studio founded by Stephen Orlando in June 2008.

More information
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Treasure Adventure Game Credits

Stephen Orlando
Lead Designer/Developer

Robert Ellis
Composer, Sound Designer

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